Our Company

We at Risk & Associates pledge to use all of our expertise and available resources to provide you with professional, diligent and timely service of process. Specializing in high volume service, Orders to Seize Property and Landlord/Tenant matters, our highly trained and professional staff of M.C.O.D.S.A. Certified Court Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Eviction Specialists and Process Servers are dedicated to “Excellence of Service” for our clients.

Service Areas

Find the most up-to-date information about the counties we currently serve throughout Michigan and further plans for expansion to best meets the needs of our clients.

Paper Service

Email documents by clicking on the link below. Otherwise, you can also visit our Contacts page for further information on how to get your paperwork served. We look forward to hearing from you!


Look here for civil process forms and documents you will need, including landlord/tenant documents, proofs of service and MCODSA publications.

Did You Know?

Most Service of Process in Michigan is regulated by specific statutes and court rules, and if not served, completed or filed correctly, may be contested and/or considered invalid by the court, thereby delaying and jeopardizing your efforts to secure a judgment.

Best Practices

The significant policies and procedures of Risk & Associates County Civil Process are published in the Risk & Associates County Civil Process Instructional and Reference Manual. The Standards and Best Practices, together with the Code of Ethics, form the basis of the policies applicable to all staff members of Risk & Associates County Civil Process.